Aliens Ate My Lunch Nightmare Cafe : Season 1 Episode 6

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The cafe appears in the agricultural town of Fort Weatherhill, but Frank is more concerned with his tabloid. He is in awe of a particular writer, Harry Tambor, to Fay's amazement. Blackie wonders if their new country locale will provide a good story for Frank's idol, but Frank seriously doubts it. ""Guess again!"" chuckles Blackie, and disappears. The television clicks on. Harry Tambor has been called to the office of his editor - Sid Hogoboom, played by Blackie - who claims that Tambor hasn't been giving the Conspirer any good stories lately. Hogoboom wants one by tomorrow. Harry is irked when Sid refuses all of his celebrity story ideas. ""'Aliens Ate My Lunch,' is that what you want?"" ""Now you're talking!"" grins Sid. ""And pictures...lots, lots of pictures! Do it as if your job depended on it."" As Harry leaves, Blackie disappears; then the real editor enters and asks his secretary if she's been smoking cigars in the room. Frank wants to know why Blackie is jerking Harry's chain; Fay jus

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