Sanctuary for a Child Nightmare Cafe : Season 1 Episode 5

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The cafe materializes in a Midwest farm town as the sun is coming up. Fay is sleepy because of the early-morning start. A boy comes in the door and Frank offers him a seat, then asks if he'd give him a hand cooking. The boy agrees to help, and introduces himself as Luke. Frank asks Luke when he ran away. Luke tells him he ran away the night before, but he doesn't know how he got to the cafe. As they eat, Frank offers to talk to Luke's parents about getting him a part-time job at the cafe. Luke doesn't want to go back, because he feels safe at the cafe, and he doesn't think his parents will miss him. Frank is adamant, but when he gets up to get a bagel, Luke disappears. Fay peeks out the blinds and realizes that the cafe has moved, but Frank has gone to see if Luke went to the bathroom. As he opens the door, he appears in a hospital room. Luke is on the bed, in a coma, and the nurse tells him that Luke has been that way for a year. Frank leaves the building and, like Fay, sees that the

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