The Heart of the Mystery Nightmare Cafe : Season 1 Episode 4

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""They say there's a million stories in the city. Well, here's one, about a guy named Stan. An honest cop who's seen just a little too much...or maybe not enough. There's one thing he never put to rest, you see. A mystery, and a wound, all wrapped up together in a single name...a name that will haunt him to his dying day. What would a man like this wish for? A second chance, perhaps? But would he wish for it if he knew it would shatter everything he's ever known?"" Detective Stan Gates places a rose at the foot of a gravestone which reads: Charlotte Benning 1954 - 1976 Her Love Still Touches Us All As he stands in contemplation, a boy tries to break into a car across the street. Stan chases the boy away from the car and pursues him down an alley, as the cafe appears behind him. The boy points a gun at him, but Stan reassures the boy that he only wants to help. The frightened kid backs away from Stan and trips over a piece of trash. The gun goes off. In the cafe, Frank and Fay

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