Dying Well is the Best Revenge Nightmare Cafe : Season 1 Episode 2

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As their car coasts to a halt, a woman - Angela - beseeches her husband, Edward, to take a romantic walk with her, but he isn't in the mood. She gets out anyway as the cafe's neon lights come on. Spotting them, Angela tries again to get Edward to visit the cafe with her, but he refuses, hoping she'll get back in the car. Angela goes to the cafe. Frank, who has been feeling lovelorn, is fascinated by Angela, and flirts with her, ignoring Fay's teasing. Angela flirts back, and Frank inquires if she came with anyone. To his disappointment, she tells him that her husband is waiting outside because they had a disagreement. Edward has given up waiting for Angela, and gets out of the car to find her. He is set upon by a mugger, who attacks him before running off. Frank asks Angela what she would really want, if she had the chance. ""All I want is for Edward to love me...and never leave me,"" she tells him. ""I'm just so afraid that he'll abandon me even more than he already has."" At this point,

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