Nightmare Cafe Nightmare Cafe : Season 1 Episode 1

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A car zooms down a darkened street, screeching to a halt at the water's edge. Out of it emerges an upset-looking woman, who pauses only to take in the sight of a man singing as he swims in the harbor; then, taking a deep breath, she jumps. The man notices her plummet, and goes after her, but her body has sunk by the time he gets there. He climbs out of the water and walks along the dock, bumping into the woman as he goes. The man is surprised, having thought her dead; the woman is just confused and scared, but determined not to show it. Down the dock, lights flicker on - it is an all-night cafe. The duo enter as a man steps from the shadows. He has a conversation with the audience: ""Do you believe in second chances, hmm? It's human nature, isn't it? But for a second chance, would you face your worst nightmare? The very thing that frightens you most, or drove you to the brink of disaster - hmm? Or would you then... See those good folks? Well, they're about to get a second chance. An

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